Aveda Goes Big With Sky High Hair Day

As a child of the ‘80s, there is still a special place in my heart for the days of Dynasty-style big hair and mildly toxic-smelling aerosol hairspray. Even now, when straight hair is much more in style and my colleagues are enamored with silky-smooth blowouts, I still periodically try to sport 80s-style hair, which involves twisting my tresses into hot rollers, flipping my head over, coating my hair with hairspray, and adding a tease or two. Unfortunately, my big-hair look has about 10 minutes of staying power, because I feel bad about purchasing ozone-zapping aerosol hairspray and have to hope for the best with more eco-friendly spritzes. So when I heard news of Aveda’s Sky High Hair Day, which is taking place today, I looked forward to breaking out my hot rollers. To mark the launch of the new Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray, a high-performance, fast-drying, firm hold finishing spray that provides all-day maximum hold, control, and 24-hour humidity resistance, Aveda has invited stylists from across the country to celebrate by crafting their clients’ hair (and their own) into sky-high fashions. Stylists can draw inspiration from Aveda’s Control Force campaign poster and upload their pictures to the Aveda Facebook wall at www.facebook.com/aveda. And while this big-hair blowout is really fun, there’s also some exciting news about the new product—it offer a net-zero impact on the Earth’s climate through Aveda’s funding of renewable energy, making Aveda the first beauty company that offers aerosols with net-zero climate impact. (The same can’t be said about my high school staple, AquaNet). I’m looking forward to checking out the Sky High styles, and I’m even more excited to test out this eco-friendly aerosol spray. Big hair, here I come!


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