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New Fragrance by Bliss is Heaven Scent

Fans of Bliss, take note: you have something sweet to look forward to. (No worries, the signature brownies are staying put.) The beloved brand is actually set to launch its first fragrance in September. The delectable scent is a blend of bergamot, dewy greens, cucumber, lily, and ylang ylang, with a base note of violet. The eau de toilette, priced at $54, was developed in an attempt to bottle up the uplifiting, refreshed, and revitalizing feeling one gets after visiting Bliss. I was lucky enough to sample a spritz last night and they seem to have succeeded–the light scent is truly blissful!

Stylist Riccardo Maggiore Tresses Up a Tired Look

I’ve admitted before that I don’t get my hair cut nearly as often as I should.  Fortunately, as an editor covering numerous salon-oriented events, I can often get away with waiting months between haircuts because I usually cross paths with someone who wants to start snipping away in the interim. As a result, I can’t really attribute my hair to one particular stylist. That fact was a blessing on a recent visit to the Riccardo Maggiore Salon (New York City). Scheduled for a blowout with Maggiore himself, I arrived looking a little worse for wear. It took mere minutes for Maggiore to look at my cut and declare it a disaster. Of course, I couldn’t blame him, as I had been thinking just that morning that I was long overdue for a cut. I’m sure the fact that I let anyone who comes near me with a pair of scissors free reign to chop away didn’t help. Come to think of it though, it was that same easy-going attitude that made me grant Maggiore license to work his magic. My straightforward blowout soon turned into a styling session, as he set about correcting my troublesome tresses. When he was finished, I was thrilled with the transformation, and even more so after the response I got from my American Spa colleagues.

Lydia Sarfati Debuts Skincare Blog

Repêchage CEO and founder Lydia Sarfati is now sharing her expertise and knowledge through her personal blog, She is giving readers a personal look into her life through an interactive site that will address viewers’ concerns through blog and video responses. Additional features include an up-to-date calendar of Sarfati’s appearances, tips, spa success stories, and articles featuring skincare science and business ideas. Sarfati, author of Success at Your Fingertips, says she seeks to serve as daily motivation for her readers, and she looks forward to sharing her secrets to success.

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