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Consider a Sports Massage to Treat Your Inner Athlete

While the NBA playoffs are almost over with just one or two more games left to determine who will claim victory in the battle between the Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, sports enthusiasts needn’t fret. The World Cup kicks off tomorrow in South Africa, guaranteeing another month of good-natured sports rivalry. For those who prefer to participate in more active ways than chugging yet another beer in their favorite sports bar, well, there are a host of spas ready to accommodate their every sore muscle with a therapeutic sports massage. Here are just a few we wouldn’t mind trying ourselves:

Exhale Mindbodyspa (national)

Exhale’s signature mind body therapy, Body Enlightening, incorporates yoga contact work, assisted stretching, relaxation, and body alignment. It’ll leave [you] feeling balanced, elongated, and spirited.

Ivy Spa Club (Minneapolis)

The spa’s Before Workout Massage lengthens and loosens muscles, increases circulation and nutrient flow, and helps sports fans gear up for activity…even voracious cheering. Ivy Spa Club’s After Workout Massage flushes toxins, increases nutrient flow, and helps weekend warriors regain muscle length and range of motion.

Red Mountain Sagestone Spa (St. George, UT)

A must for adventure-seekers, the Red Rock Hiker’s Massage focuses on the legs. A potent fusion of peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus provides muscle and joint relief while a marine mud pack on the legs draws out toxins and improves circulation.

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