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Welcome to Wink Week

This week, fans of RapidLash, the eyelash and eyebrow renewal serum, are encouraged to participate in the company’s first ever Wink Week. Through June 11th, visitors to the RapidLash Facebook page can send a friendly or flirty wink to family and friends; receive special content, quizzes, and polls; and share photos of their best winks with other readers. And, as a wink to charity, RapidLash is also donating $1 for every wink up to 5,000 shared to cancer research.

Mii amo Offers Transformational Healing
in Sedona’s Red Rock Country

This past weekend, I finally got the opportunity to visit a spa I’ve heard rave reviews about for years. Mii amo, a destination spa at Enchantment is situated in the midst of Sedona’s red rock country. While the idyllic setting and its plentiful hiking and biking opportunities were enough to make the experience worthwhile in my book, it wasn’t long before I discovered the spa’s many other charms. Not one to lounge around the pool, I made sure before I left that I had a jam-packed schedule that gave me a taste of all the spa has to offer. From skin-saving facials to relaxation-inducing rubdowns, the treatments were just the icing on the cake. Everywhere I went on property, I met spa-goers who were undergoing some sort of transformation. Many were Mii amo junkies, making annual pilgrimages to the spa with their spouses, girlfriends, and family members. One guest was on her eighth visit and had returned with her daughter who was celebrating her 30th birthday. Another woman came with her three daughters to celebrate her 60th birthday. Regardless of what brought them there, everyone I met was loathe to leave the equally restful and rejuvenating retreat. Look for more on Mii amo’s healthy cuisine and newly introduced Journey packages in an upcoming issue.

Ojai Valley Offers the Sweet Scent of Serenity

I just returned from a spectacular trip to Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and one of my favorite activities took place at the Artist’s Cottage and Apothecary, where I was lucky enough to experience a Custom Blending ($120, 90 minutes). There, I sniffed nearly 40 essential oils, ranked my favorites, and worked with the master aromatherapist to create my own signature scent. It was a warm California day, and I was drawn to the refreshing smells of citrus, concocting a blend that combined mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit with jasmine and gardenia. My teacher told me that my selections indicated an affinity for great joy, and I most certainly felt happy when I was given a bottle of my own custom perfume, which I, of course, named Joy. She also mixed my fragrance in a bottle of massage oil, and I then headed to the spa for a signature Essence in Balance massage using my own blissful blend. Upon completion of the service, my therapist told me she felt happy and uplifted, and I felt downright fabulous. Turns out, it’s easy to spread Joy around. And that’s just one of the wonderful spa sessions I tried out during my visit to this charming, artistic town. Stay tuned for the August issue of American Spa to get the scoop on this exceptional relaxing retreat.

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