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Courtney Akai and NovaLash
Cure an Editor’s Lash Envy

A few weeks ago, a couple of my American Spa cohorts returned from the IECSC Las Vegas show with fabulous-looking lashes. To say the rest of us were a bit jealous is an understatement. If there is one thing we all covet, it’s lush lashes. Luckily for me, I had just discovered a gift card for a complimentary set of lash extensions from Courtney Akai in a swag bag from a SpaWeek Media event I attended last month. I had thought to save the card for a special occasion but couldn’t resist booking an appointment after seeing my fellow staffers bat their lovely lashes around the office. Because I’m blonde and fair-skinned, I must admit I was a bit worried that I might end up looking like a drag queen with lashes that were far too dramatic, However, Courtney instantly put my fears to rest, and two hours later, I was batting my own lovely NovaLash extensions. It’s been about five days now, and I still can’t get over the transformation. Interested in becoming a NovaLash lash artist and creating some transformations of your own? Then call (866) 430-1261 or log on to

Virginia’s Tides Inn Offers Spa-Goers a Sea Change

Beach bums will love the recently unveiled ocean-inspired spa treatments at The Spa at the Tides Inn. Incorporating marine-loving OSEA products, these two seaweed-rich services bring the skin-saving benefits of the Deep Blue to the spa.

•To get clients in the mood, therapists ask clients to visualize themselves floating in the ocean when kicking off the Tides of Change Signature Massage and Body Treatment ($120, 60 minutes; $160, 90 minutes). Enhanced by a soundtrack featuring the soothing sounds of the sea, the offering was designed to refresh and invigorate guests as they are polished and massaged with mineral-rich products that leave skin nourished.

•An in-depth skin analysis starts off the Tides of Change Signature Facial ($120, 60 minutes; $160, 90 minutes) to determine any causes of imbalance. High-tech marine-based serums are combined with a pure plant mineral oxygen infusion, an algae skin tightener, and mineral enzymes to help stimulate cellular metabolism and relax stress lines. Not only will this treatment help diminish hyperpigmentation, but it will also help diminish the signs of weather, travel, or stress.

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