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CND Debuts Shellac

I love wearing dark polish on my fingernails. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I’m hammering away on a keyboard every day, a fresh manicure usually has about a two-day lifespan before it starts chipping and looking sloppy. Last week, however, I discovered the perfect, long-lasting solution, thanks to CND’s newest offering—Shellac. I met with company founder, Jan Arnold, who filled me in on this hybrid nail color that was created after five years of development. Shellac lasts, chip-free, for 14 days. It paints on like polish—with a base coast, color, and top coat—and is cured with a UV light, which results in zero drying time. And I can attest to this fact. As soon as my manicurist, Dana D’Andraia from Cactus Salon in East Setauket, NY, applied my Shellac set and I removed my hands from CND’s new UV Lamp, the color had set, and my nails were ready for action sporting Fedora, a fabulous chocolate brown shade. I even dug through my bag for keys, business cards, and my phone, and my manicure remained shiny and chip-free. “Our chemists invented a modern solution to the normal polish inconveniences that frustrate women,” Arnold explained. “Shellac is fret-free and convenient. Women can finally get their time back.” So far, it’s working wonders for me. I’m five days in, and my manicure looks as fresh as it did on day one. And news of Shellac is spreading quickly, with hundreds of spas and salons signing up daily to offer this professional nailcare solution to their clients. Visit for a list, and try it out for yourself. I’m betting you’ll also become a fan.

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