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Leaving Lash Vegas

Batting their new lashes, Julie Keller (left) and Cristina De Oliveira (right) pose with LiquiFan founder Nova Beschta at IECSC Las Vegas.

 While some celebrity-inspired trends are better left alone (Uggs and mini skirts, I’m talking to you), there’s one I’ve been dying to try out:false eyelashes. They’re worn by everyone in Tinseltown–well, at least the women–and they look amazing. So when I was in Las Vegas for IECSC and had the opportunity to have a set of faux lashes applied over my own, I grabbed it. I told Nova Beschta, founder of LiquiFan, that I was comfortable going dramatic, and 1.5 hours later, he had placed a line of beautiful black fringe lining the top of each eye. I was shocked at first: whose eyes were those batting back at me in the mirror? But then I started getting reactions from people and I realized that these better-than-natural lashes were my newest obsession.  I felt prettier, sassier, and had a lot more confidence. Ever since then I’ve winked at as many people as possible–after all, they’ll be gone within six weeks, which will feel like a blink of an eye.

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