Sampling Gets You Closer to Selling

This might sound like Sales Tactics 101, but here goes: the most difficult part of selling is getting someone’s attention. Once you have piqued someone’s interest, you’re steps away from sealing a deal. I was the ideal consumer the other day during a visit to the lovely Ted Gibson salon on Fifth Avenue for a much needed haircut. After a particularly stressful week, I was ready to stow my phone away and unwind. About 30 minutes before my appointment was over, an assistant came by the station I was at with a small silver tray filled with goodies—a steaming hand towel, a plush dry one, and three delicious smelling Ted Gibson Body Conditioners. “Would you like a hand treatment?” Ummm…yes and yes, please. I made the difficult choice between the trio of scents and the assistant went on to give me a light massage with the creams as she softly explained how the lotions work and their benefits. She wasn’t all talk—there was plenty of time for me to close my eyes and just relax. Of course, it helped that the product was pretty great, but I actually bought one of the lotions as I was paying for my haircut. I was caught up in the moment and the wonderful scent was still lingering—what was I to do? In any case, I was upsold in a brilliant way—touché. Speaking as a consumer, don’t underestimate the power of creative sampling. While offering complimentary take-home samples is a great way to introduce people to a product, giving your clients a unique experience with the product packs a serious punch.


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