Prep Your Skin for the Sun with Ilike Organic Skin Care

Summer is right around the corner! With sunnier days comes the temptation to soak in the rays. We all know that we need to be watchful of our skincare regimen during this time to protect from harmful UV rays. The folks at Ilike Organic Skin Care remind us that you have to apply SPF not only at the beach, but also during any prolonged outdoor activity.

Containing vitamins, lycopenes, bioflavanoids, and karotenoids, Ilike’s Tomato Suntan Lotion and Tomato Suntan Gel selectively filter the harmful UVC and the burning short wavelength UVB rays, while allowing beneficial UVA and long UVB rays through, which induce the formation of Vitamin D. These products allow skin to get a healthy glow, while protecting from a damaging sunburn.

For more on the rich, organic Ilike products, click here. Also, be sure to pass by their booth at IECSC Las Vegas (#2307) this weekend to check out their amazing range of products!

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  1. Roel Organic Skin Care April 27, 2010 9:50 pm

    To me organic products means clean products, since there are no chemicals, pesticides or whatever in it.

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