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Get Tips to Help Make Every Day Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Although we should all be doing our part to help keep the environment clean on a daily basis, we can use today as the ideal time to re-evaluate what we are currently doing to be green and look for ways to continue helping the planet. In our April issue, Green Spa Network’s Rhana Pytell offered some small, but meaningful, ways to green your spa. For example:

• Designate a green team leader to promote sustainability practices and initiatives, research industry trends, and provide ongoing education.

• Replace cleaning items that contain volatile organic compound (VOC) content.

• Choose filtered water over bottled water.

• Review your lighting needs, prepare a plan, and budget to update your lighting to energy-efficient bulbs.

• Reuse plastic gift cards.

• Select products that have been produced without pesticides and herbicides that pollute our water.

• Join an organization that is dedicated to improving the planet.

These are just a few useful tips Pytell shared. To read the full article, click here.

Do you have any unique tips to share on how you keep your spa green?

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