SmoothMED Offers Clients a Virtual Vial of Botox

As the editor of American Spa’s Medical Spa Report section, I have learned my fair share about facial injectables from both doctors and patients alike. And, while almost everyone I know who has gotten some sort of injectable treatment was more than satisfied with the results, most agreed that the price is somewhat steep. SmoothMED, New York City’s only walk-in Botox Boutique, found a way to help clients lower their costs with the introduction of The Botox Bank. Here’s how it works: Clients log onto, where they select their desired quantity of Botox and deposit it into their accounts. When they visit SmoothMED at their convenience, a board-certified physician will administer the Botox ,and the units will be deducted from their account. This way, the client is saving money by taking advantage of volume discounts.

“I began to see a need for The Botox Bank as patients asked if they could buy a whole vial at a sale price and save the rest for later,” explains Jack Berdy, M.D., owner and medical director of SmoothMED. “Obviously, with the short shelf life, it can’t be saved for three to four months until their next visit, but I could see the advantage to regular Botox patients who want a way to control their costs. A real vial turned into a virtual vial, and The Botox Bank was born.” Thanks to Dr. Berdy and his Botox Bank, the price of beauty just got a little lower in Manhattan.


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