Learn How to Live the Zen Life from Daniel Levin

Last week, I was having a particularly rough day. Nothing seemed to be going my way, and I was getting really down on myself. I began cleaning my office at work to try and take my mind off of my problems for a bit, and that’s when I came across a book I had received in the mail a few months ago. Written by Daniel Levin, Zen Life: An Open-At-Random Book of Guidance (St. Lynn’s Press, 2009) offers 108 thoughts and stories of wisdom that have touched the author deeply and helped him gain a new perspective. Some of the thoughts are derived from the author’s own experiences, while others are from renowned teachers.

In an attempt to turn my mood around, I opened the book to a random passage, which read, “All of us want the same thing, to find happiness and avoid suffering. The way to do this is to find contentment in where life has placed you. Suffering comes from wanting things to be different than they are. Happiness comes from accepting what is.”

As I sat quietly at my desk for a few minutes rereading that passage several times, a moment of calming insight came over me, just as Levin had intended when writing the book. Just like that, my outlook changed to one of positivity.

If you could use some insight of your own or would like to share with your clients, click here for your own copy of this inspirational book.


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