What Has Helped Your Spa Survive
this Economic Downturn?

By Guest Blogger | Feb 3, 2010

jillianwright3“In business, relationships and thinking outside the box are your two strongest allies. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the recession, I needed to move my spa. With that, came the name and phone number change. Luckily for social networking, it has been easy for my clients to find us on Twitter and Facebook. With all these drastic changes during a very difficult economic time, a little humility goes a long way. We send out email blasts to our current clients with spa deals and upgrades. We connect with local businesses and give their patrons added value services. With all the media attention we receive, our fabulous new location and word-of-mouth referrals, we still had to think outside the box. We were introduced to Groupon.com. To gain a fresh new audience, we offered a massage deal on Groupon.com, which exploded! We sold more than 1,750 massages in one day, which made everyone happy. The staff and the clients are so appreciative. It makes for a very positive 2010. As a spa owner, you have to roll with the times and be flexible. The ultimate survival mechanism is a strong mind, a viable business, and happy clients.”—Jillian Wright, owner, Jillian Wright Clinical Skin Spa (New York City)


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