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Grow Your Business by Letting Go of the Past

blog-bookFor many people I know, including myself, 2009 has been a rough year. And while contemplating ways I could improve my overall happiness and outlook for 2010, I was reminded of a book I recently read about that just might offer the ideal way to improve not only our personal lives but also our professional ones, as well. In his book, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK: A Biblical Blueprint to Bless Your Business (Wiley, 2009), author Dave Anderson explains how harboring resentment impacts your productivity and that of those around you because people can sense bitterness and will most likely react accordingly. “No matter what you’ve been through this past year, its likely you are holding on to some grudges,” says Anderson. “Maybe you are angry with a client who stiffed you or a coworker who stole your idea and present it as her own, or an ex-boss who downsized you right after you announced the imminent arrival of a new baby. Forgiving and reconciling with that person right now can mean a happier and more productive new year.”

Anderson also offers tips to help you on your path to forgiveness, such as:

Bring closure to past offenses. Identify who you need to make amends with and do it quickly, without worrying about whose fault it was.

Don’t miss the moment. If you let the right moment pass without acting on it, you will regret it.

Be prepared to turn the other cheek. Even when you forgive someone, it doesn’t mean they will forgive you, as well. But if you continue to forgive and set a good example, you will achieve personal peace of mind.

But, warns Anderson, “You can’t just make your forgiveness resolution and be done with it. Forgiving is a 365-day-a-year discipline. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. When you release those negative feelings, prosperity will flow your way.” I can’t think of a more positive way to ring in the New Year.

Ritz-Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe Invites Spa-Goers to Get Fit and Fabulous

ritztahoepoolHonoring the natural glory of Tahoe, the Woods and Water experience at The Ritz-Carlton Highlands, Lake Tahoe will give spa-loving outdoor enthusiasts a true taste of what the area and the brand-new resort have to offer. Through April 11th, the package, which starts at $575 including overnight accommodations, invites guests to a one-hour snowshoe tour of the neighboring forest, which takes off from practically the front door of the slopeside spa. Once the blood is flowing (you can burn upwards of 500 calories per hour!), guests retreat to the spa where they can warm up and soothe any sore muscles with a Pinyon Pine Nut Organic Massage, which incorporates supremely soothing essential oils, such as arnica and pinyon pine, which are indigenous flora from the Lake Tahoe Basin. This tweak is followed up by an Energizing Body Glow & Rain Shower to wash away any remaining stress and sloughs away any winter-worn skin. The skin is revitalized with warm towels that are infused with the fragrance of lemon, lime, peppermint, and pine.

To read about my experience at this woodsy wonderland, click here. Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a full-length feature in the February issue!

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