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Zents Holiday Candles Evoke the Right Scent-Iment


Freshly baked Christmas cookies: check.
Holiday cards hanging from the mantle of my fireplace: check.
Views of a record NYC snowfall outside of my windows: check.

Yes, I’m heading down the right path, but, unfortunately, the holiday ambience stops there. I would love to have a Christmas tree, but there’s just no room in my apartment. I mean, there is really no room—at one point while moving into my tiny studio, I thought that I was going to have to choose between my bed and my couch. (Thanks to some stealthy space-saving friends, I was able to keep both.)

In any case, my saving grace this winter season has been Zents Holiday Candles. These non-toxic, 100 percent vegetable- and soy-wax candles emit the most subtle scents that put me in a holiday state of mind. Even the product descriptions on the website give you a warm, fuzzy feeling—i.e. City Sidewalks, my favorite candle, is supposed to remind you of “luscious fruit-filled cakes [that] sweeten the air as ice skaters clasp mitten-covered hands; berries adorn festive windowsills, while inside bubbling champagne glasses are raised to toast new and old friends.” Sure, without a tree, my apartment may not look like the mecca of merriment, but, with the festive fragrance of Zents, it feels like it is.

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