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What Has Been the Most Challenging
Aspect of my Job This Year?

By Guest Blogger | Dec 17, 2009

att00210“I would have to say that would be not being able to provide service providers with their full-time schedules and having to reduce spa staff as well as spa hours. As we know, the economy has hit spa resorts very hard with group business declining and vacations cancelled. Emotions can run high when one’s paycheck is reduced or non-existent. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful team that is patient and believes in me as a director. We have come up with some great incentives to gain the foot traffic of our locals and a great birthday celebration promotion that features a complimentary treatment for those celebrating birthdays in the current month. I am very proud of my spa team and know we will face challenges ahead, but I am certain we will come through this a better, stronger spa and very much focused on providing even more exceptional service for our guests.”—Lory Plaster, spa director, Hyatt Grand Champions Resort Villas and Spa (Indian Wells, CA)

Harms Software Kicks Off Perfect Match Contest

picture-1Love is in the air for the beauty biz, courtesy of Harms Software, creators of Millennium. To thank the industry for its recent win as Favorite Spa Software in American Spa’s Professional’s Choice Awards—and as a nod to Valentine’s Day— the company has launched The Perfect Match contest, with up to $13,000 in prices.

In 500 words or less, contestants must describe heartwarming characteristics of Millennium as if it were his or her significant other. Descriptions should explain why Millennium could steal or has already stolen your heart and why it Millennium is your Perfect Match. All entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges from Harms Software Inc. who will then select their favorites. Judging will be based on the most compelling and creative submissions. The contest deadline is March 15. For details, visit

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