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SpaFinder Hosts Global Trends Webinar

SpaFinder is hosting a free webinar revealing the top global spa trends for 2010 on Monday, Dec. 7 at 10:00 a.m. PST. In association with the University of California at Irvine’s Spa and Hospitality Management Program, this annual forecast led by Susie Ellis, president of SpaFinder, will feature an analysis of the top 10 emerging ideas and concepts poised to impact the spa/wellness/health/fitness industries. SpaFinder’s annual report is based on analyses from a large team of experts, interviews with major industry analysts and research organizations, and ongoing consumer and industry research and surveys in the spa, travel, wellness, and beauty industries. To register for the online presentation, visit

Bally Offers Stay-Healthy Tips for the Holidays

holiday_drinksAfter pigging out last week for Thanksgiving and a December calendar filled with dinners, drinks, and holiday parties, I had almost resigned myself to gaining at least 10 pounds this holiday season. Thankfully, I just received an email from the folks at Bally Total Fitness filled with tips for fighting fat for the holidays. I know we’re all in the spa, health, and wellness biz, and we’re supposed to know better, but this list encouraged me to be a little smarter when it comes to holiday eating, drinking, and exercising, and I thought I would share the wealth. So here are some ideas from Dave Van Daff, senior director of education and development, Bally Total Fitness.

  • Don’t skip meals. You might think you’re saving calories before a big holiday dinner, but instead you’re creating a starvation situation to justify overeating later. Your body won’t like it and neither will your waistline. Instead, eat small regular meals to control your appetite.
  • Hors d’oeuvres or cocktails – pick one. If you’re going to a party, make a decision to either eat the appetizers or drink instead. If you do both, you’ll end up overeating and consuming empty liquid calories. While it’s easy to overlook alcohol, the calories can add up over the course of an evening. If you forego the snacks and stick with cocktails, wine, or beer, eat a healthy snack before the event to avoid drinking on an empty stomach.
  • Invite yourself to the gym. While the holidays are crammed with party invitations and social events, schedule your workouts on the calendar…and stick to them. Treat your gym visits as must-attend engagements. If you need extra motivation, RSVP to someone who will hold you accountable – whether it’s a friend, family member or personal trainer. Also, if you’re traveling, you can still exercise at a Bally Total Fitness club with a national membership. There are nearly 300 locations, which means you’re never too far from your next workout.
  • Accidental Activity. If you can’t set aside time for a full-fledged workout, find small ways to include activity in your day. Skip the snow blower and pick up a shovel – a highly effective calorie burner. Take a walk with your family before or after dinner for bonding time and the chance to work off the meal. Shop in tennis shoes so you’re more apt to walk quickly and stay on your feet longer. Also skip the escalators, take the stairs and do calf-raises while standing in line.
  • Ask Santa for gym shoes. When it comes to making your holiday wish list, add workout clothes, a heart rate monitor, or tennis shoes. When you have new gear that you’re excited to wear, you’re more apt to use it. The best gift is staying healthy and fit for the New Year!

“The most important thing is smart splurging and calorie burning,” says  Van Daff. “Indulge over the holidays with your favorite foods, but find a healthy balance between eating and exercise.”

What are you doing to stay in shape this season? Share your tips here and help make it a happy, healthy holiday for us all.

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