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Treat Your Skin with the Clothes You Wear

img_2084Earlier this week, I was invited to an event launching a new line of accessories and active wear called SunSoul at Club H Fitness (New York City). This functional yet fashion-forward line relies on an advanced fluorescent technology and natural sunlight to treat a variety of skincare concerns. Shirts and hats featuring blumöd technology not only offer an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+, but they also amplify the sun’s blue light to the skin to help treat acne. That blue light is the same as that used by skincare professionals to treat blemished skin. Yelomöd technology is also available to help rejuvenate skin. After donning SunSoul shirts in either blue or yellow, myself and several other health and beauty editors were invited to an energizing Urban Rebounding class.

Zendals Gives Back

spot_zendals1Zendals is minimizing its impact on the environment and helping children in need with the installation of a new recycling program. Zendals partnered with a recycling firm in New Jersey to collect returned Zendals sandals, which are ground up and reproduced into child-sized flip-flops. The flip-flops are then donated to children in need. In addition to donating sandals, Zendals gives back to the community by donating like-new robes to an outreach program that works with battered women and donates bedding to a sewing organization that will use them for community service sewing and quilting projects.

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