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Margarita Madness

margaritaI’ll admit: it’s Friday, it’s the end of the summer, and this girl would love a margarita. The frosty citrus-kissed lovely libation was made for sunny afternoons. With only weeks left to enjoy the summer, help your clients embrace what’s left and surprise them with this south-of-the-border inspired treat.

The Margarita Key Lime Pedicure ($115, 75 minutes) at Little Palm Key Resort’s SpaTerre is a popular pick. While guests enjoy a salt and lime exfoliation and a nourishing massage with Key Lime Lotion, they are able to kick back with a margarita of their own.

Year-round, guests of The Ritz-Carlton Spa, Dallas are able to enjoy Dean’s Margarita Salt Glow ($170, 80 minutes) body treatment. The skin is gently softened with a mix of buffing salts, simulating extracts, and lemon verbena, and then pampered with a 50-minute massage.

Have you come across any cocktail-inspired treatments? Do you have any stories about end-of-summer spa-ing you’d like to share? Feel free to comment or email us at

Sandpearl Resort Celebrates LEED Certification


Sandpearl Resort was recently awarded Florida’s first LEED Silver Certification for a resort or hotel based on its green design and construction features, which positively impact the resort itself as well as the broader community. The resort’s goal to preserve Clearwater Beach and promote health and wellness for its guests is present on every level, including its luxury spa treatments and products.

Inspired by the ocean, Sandpearl’s spa treatments can be enjoyed on the beach itself, and its products are organically based and feature ocean salts and sea vegetation. The spa promotes the overall wellness of guests by offering an extensive list of fun fitness programs, like early morning beach walks, beachside meditation, and even treatments like the Yoga Massage ($200, 80 minutes), which combines yoga postures with touch therapy to encourage flexibility. Sandpearl Resort truly blends in with its environment with minimal impact and is making the most of its breathtaking natural surroundings.

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