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A Sweet Spa Stopover at Emirates’s Timeless Spa


This past weekend, I found myself with 14 hours to spare in Dubai while en route home from the Maldives. Although a 14-hour layover would usually inspire a deep sense of dread, this was one layover I was actually looking forward to enjoying. After braving triple-digit temperatures to explore the city, I headed back to the airport where I had a 90-minute treatment scheduled at Emirates’s Timeless Spa in Emirates Terminal 3 in Dubai Airport. The Timeless Ritual, which involves a full-body scrub, a mini facial, a shower, and a massage, was the perfect way to unwind from an adventure-packed day and prepare for the 14-hour flight ahead. And judging by the number of passengers that popped in for last-minute treatments before their flights, I wasn’t the only one thinking that way.

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