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Johnson & Johnson Launches Active Naturals Institute

By Guest Blogger | Jul 20, 2009

beauty_ingredients_skincareInformation and education on the science of natural skincare ingredients are brought together at the Active Naturals Institute, a new online database created by Johnson & Johnson to educate consumers about natural ingredients in all levels of skincare. Site highlights include:

•An annual $50,000 Research Award in the field of natural ingredients in dermatology, specifically in areas of newly discovered natural ingredients and natural ingredients’ role in anti-aging formulations, barrier protection, and repair

•A library of scientific reviews of new and existing natural ingredients and their applications in dermatology

•A laboratory that explores the processes of screening, validation, and development of natural skincare ingredients that have scientifically proven benefits

•An auditorium where readers can access slide kits and video presentations

Visit for more information.

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