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Guests Take Note of The Peninsula Spa
by ESPA at The Peninsula Chicago

spa-post-it1I have Post-Its of every size and shape at my desk. I stick scribbled yellow notes on my monitor, in my calendar, on manuscripts or proofs, and regularly fill them with to-do tasks and shove them into my purse. Safe to say, I’m addicted.

During a recent stay at The Peninsula Chicago, I came across a great use for Post-Its. One morning, I collected my Chicago Tribune from the front door of my room to read while I enjoyed my coffee and view of Michigan Avenue. Stuck on to the front of the newspaper was a small ad for The Peninsula Spa by ESPA, located on the top two floors of the hotel. The note’s message let me know that my “urban escape” was only “an elevator ride away.” Simple enough. Along with a handful of images that would entice even the busiest guest, the note mentioned a few awards the spa has won, as well as the spa’s extension. I had every reason to visit the spa, literally, in the palm of my hand. This clever note can be peeled off the newspaper and transferred into someone’s datebook as a reminder to set aside some relaxation time or can be marched right over to the phone to schedule an appointment.

Advertising doesn’t always have to be flashy, expensive, or on a massive billboard. A simple reminder of why your spa is a perfect place to spend the day is also very effective at enticing potential visitors. How have you spread the word about your spa? Any clever ideas you’d like to share? We’d love to hear how you’ve managed to get clients stuck on your spa. Let us know!

Also, for more about The Peninsula Spa by ESPA at The Peninsula Chicago, keep your eye out for American Spa’s July issue.

Global Spa Summit Presents Spa of the Future Winner

The winning team from IMHI pose with Adolf Ogi, former president of Switzerland.

The winning team from IMHI poses with Adolf Ogi (center), former president of Switzerland.

Members of the Global Spa Summit came up with an idea to find out what Generation Yers think spas will look like in the future. They, along with the international hospitality management school Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, developed the Student Spa Strategy Challenge. First introduced at this year’s Global Spa Summit in Interlaken, Switzerland, the contest was developed based on the idea that Gen Y spa-goers are expected to replace Baby Boomers as the spa industry’s core clientele. The Institut de Management International (IMHI) team was awarded the winner of the contest with their Chill House Lounge & Spa concept aimed at the 21- to 30-year-old demographic. They won based on their deeply social vision of spa-going, and for being the most feasible and innovative spa concept for the Gen Y market.

The "blueprint" of the Chill House

The "blueprint" of the Chill House

The Chill House idea gives new meaning to spa-ing, as it focuses less on spas being a relaxing and pampering haven and more on them being a social hangout. The idea is that the spa is a place where people go to network, eat, drink, exercise, unwind, and receive treatments. The team’s floorplans display a communal seating and lounge area with pools, a bar, and internet capabilities. In addition, the Chill House encourages membership, making spas more of a social hangout, rather than an infrequent indulgence. Guests at the Chill House swipe their Chill Card for lounging hours, treatments, organic snacks and drinks, and retail purchases. Spa packages include Happy Hours featuring alcoholic smoothies and the Drinks and Detox package, in which guests can visit the Chill House club at night, then return for brunch and a detox treatment the next morning. Each member of the winning team received a certificate for free registration to a future Summit.

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