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A Lucky Layover at Spa InterContinental

I travel enough to know that most trips rarely go as planned. This is particularly true when they involve flying the so-called friendly skies. My recent trip to Fiji was the perfect example. Three days before I was set to depart I got word that my flight was being canceled and rescheduled for the following day. While this wouldn’t normally have been an issue had the flight been set to depart from New York, the fact that it was leaving from Los Angeles complicated matters. The change in schedule required that I spend the night there. Fortunately, this was one travel delay that worked out in my favor, as it gave me an opportunity to stay at the InterContinental Los Angeles, Century City. After check-in, I immediately headed to the hotel’s Spa InterContinental for the Arabian Coconut Scrub Massage ($195, 90 minutes), which included a soothing soak, a thorough exfoliation, and a relaxing massage. It was just the stress-relieving break I needed. Of course, I might have appreciated it even more after experiencing that night’s unsettling earthquake and the next day, finding my Fiji flight once again delayed—this time on account of mechanical issues. I did eventually make it to Fiji, but what could have been a dreadful delay turned out to be a lovely L.A. layover that I won’t soon forget.

Celebrating Summer With Mii amo

To honor this year’s summer solstice, which takes place on June 21st,  Mii  amo (Sedona, AZ) will be offering guests a a week’s worth of activities to celebrate the new season from June 18–24. Inspired by the Native American’s belief that the solstice is a time for reflecting on the seeds planted in the earth and in our souls, the spa has lined up events ranging from Native American drumming to a medicine walk through Boynton Canyon to documentaries on topics such as the return of the buffalo and the bounty of the river’s edge. The spa is even offering a Native American Cooking Demo led by Native American chef Loretta Barrett Oden. It’s a perfect way to ring in the new season and celebrate a time of cleansing, renewal, and growth.

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